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The Next Step-Advancing Your Yoga Practice

What makes a practice advanced? Is it what we do with our bodies or perhaps more than that? This 5-part series is an exploration of the essential building blocks to creating a deeper and more holistic practice. You'll expand and refine your yoga practice in ways you never dreamed possible. 

Session #2-  The Space Between- Transitioning in Vinyasa

Led by Eka Ekong

We exist within Space and space exists within us. How we move through it, between one pose another, can be a powerful moment in a yoga practice. Treating the transitions as asanas themselves demonstrates skill in action. This skill builds strength, stamina, and focus that can be carried off of our mat.

This class is about wise and conscious transitioning- between asanas, within breath, and through our surroundings. This class will also cover an introduction to the Bandhas.