"Eka Ekong has been a most beloved teacher in my yoga journey so far. Her patient focus and precise attention to detail are perfectly complemented by her joyful sense of humor and bright lightness. She is generous with her knowledge, spirit, and love of the practice. To be guided as her student in a Yogaworks 200-hour Teacher Training was an especially potent experience of her skillful instruction. I am endlessly thankful to Eka for all she has taught me, and continues to teach me, as the echoes of her wisdom and inquiry reverberate within me as I journey on..."- Brianna Gantsweg

"Eka's approach goes far and away beyond the physical practice of yoga. My 200hr TT was a life changing experience. Her methodical approach to Teacher Training will forever change you for the better. It was the most thorough and comprehensive system, and I felt set up for success. Eka is knowledgeable, approachable, open and supportive and she is an incredibly loving human being"-Rosie Acosta

"Eka has a way of inducing deep introspection and somatic awareness. Some of my favorite moments during the teacher training was when Eka would lead us into deep seated meditations. Her way with conveying words of wisdom made me feel alive, yet grounded into the sage roots of archaism. Her style of teaching is foundational based with a solid tempo that allows the body and mind to keep up with every asana and transition. Her friendly reminders that vinyasa means to place in a special way continuously helps me stay centered in every moment I am on my mat. The training we shared is still influential today in my practice as I feel my body systems can now create and act as a single unit, whether flowing with multiple people in the room, or practicing on my own. We are all connected with the grace of the divine when choosing consciousness of breath of movement."-Hailey Miles

"I was lucky enough to have Eka as one of my first teacher trainers, during my 200-hour TT at YogaWorks in Los Angeles. While Eka is of course incredibly knowledgeable about postures and anatomy, philosophy and history, what sets her apart is how she truly understands. She understands how each student is unique; she understands when someone is ready for a push, or when someone needs a shoulder to cry on. She understands that asana is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg, and she understands that yoga is a way to make your life better, not just a way to make your yoga pants look better. She is smart, funny, dedicated, and soulful. I am honored to have her as a teacher, and blessed to have her as a friend."- Patti Cocciolo

"Taking the August 2013 intensive not only helped me grow as a practitioner, but helped me develop into a more hardworking and mindful person. Eka's thoughtful and thorough style allowed me to deepen my own practice as well as helped begin my career as a teacher. Her unparalleled knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, philosophy, pranayama, and asana will give you rich insights into parts of yoga you had no idea existed. Truly a wonderful experience I was so fortunate to be a part of."- Stephanie Gardner

"Eka is one of those rare and special gems of the world. If you are able to take a class with her or be one of the lucky ones to get into one of her teacher trainings your life will change. She is so incredibly passionate about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda that your experience and time spend learning and growing will change you and deepen your practice on a whole new level. I am still in awe of Eka as a teacher and human nearly 3 years later after sending every weekend with her for almost 6 months for my TT because she has such a way of living life through yoga that is beyond inspiring. Signing up for her TT was one of the best things I've done, it prepared me for teaching 5 days a week right after the course ended and it made my practice something so much more than I anticipated. Sign up, show up and your life will thank you."- Anelise Salvo

"As the only male in my 200 hour teacher training, and as a busy college student during that time, I was in a position to recognize and appreciate how Eka epitomized a teaching she emphasized in our training: to meet one’s students where they are. By demonstrating a balance of empathy, patience, and discipline, she did exactly that -- she met me where I was on my path as a yogi and an aspiring teacher and guided me forward in a positive direction."- Max Bayuk

"I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Eka in 2013. Whether you want to spread the knowledge of yoga to others or deepen your understanding of your own practice, Eka tailors her teaching to each student. I entered the TT unsure of many things, not even knowing if I should be enrolled. With her help, I completed the training with confidence, gaining an awareness about my self and how bodies work. Her relaxed, informed manner helped make the biggest challenges feel attainable. After time has passed, it is hard to remember her exact words yet the lessons she taught me will not be forgotten."-Julia Nuzzo